The Job Experience Abyss

“I am sorry, but I think you would likely become bored with this position based on your extensive past experience.”

“Although you have a really great background, we are going to move forward with candidates that have more [insert obscurely specific role] experience.”

Is it possible to be both over-qualified and under-qualified at the same time?

I think it is probably more appropriately coined, over-qualified and under-experienced (at least in my case). According to the Federal Reserve Bank, four years ago over 44% of graduates were underemployed or holding a job that did not require the degree they held, and this number has only risen.


Currently, I am attempting to apply for entry-level positions, except they require several years experience. I graduated literally one-year and one-month ago today, and I went straight from college to grad school. Other than my two-month summer internships (every single year), I am entirely new to the working world.. AND no one wants to take the time and resources to train me for an entry-level position ANYWHERE.

The job market is saturated with people with college or graduate degrees, so they no longer provide you with a security blanket. But I think what is even worse than a college or graduate degree failing you, is that no matter what experience you have or are gaining at the moment, it might not provide any help and, in some cases, it could even harm your chances, in getting a job.


In my field, you could work at a firm for five years, but if you plan to switch fields, then your five years experience won’t get you anywhere when firms are looking for attorneys with five years experience in a different field than you have been practicing. Not to mention if you decide to switch occupations or just want a step in the door, you’re likely to be “over-qualified” for those positions and over-looked for more appropriate candidates for the position.

What is the secret?





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