2018 Anti-Resolution Goals


My last post being around Pumpkin Spice Season… I felt the need to post something in the new year (even if it is 13 days into January) AND what a shock it is a classic “2018 Goals” post. I do not believe in making NY’s Resolutions for myself. I overshoot and follow them for two weeks, then feel guilt for the rest of year when I settle into my more realistic regime.

This year I just want to set goals for myself that are realistic, but take my current regime to the next step.

  1. Fitness: I started working out regularly, about 5 times a week, this past August. I do at least 2 days of cardio, and the other 3 days I try different HIIT routines. This year, I want to step up my cardio days with a faster pace (I am quite a slow runner). No more 10-11 minute miles, I want to switch it up with sprints and 8 minute miles without killing my knees/body.
  2. Fitness #2: My first goal requires my second of MORE stretching. I have never been very good at stretching before and AFTER work-outs. But if I do step up my cardio, I will definitely need to increase my stretching time.
  3. Diet: Starting in August of 2017, I switched up my diet pretty dramatically. Cut out all dairy, almost all meat (still consuming fish), and tried incorporating more fruit/veg. This year I want to step up that game by REALLY adding more vegetables to my lunch/dinner. Eating healthy is expensive, so I have been pretty frugal this past year. I want to start experimenting with some new recipes and still managing to keep my food budget.
  4. Life: Now that I am no longer unemployed, nor a student, I really want to spend my weekends enjoying life and planning fun things. I don’t mean traveling every weekend (although I wouldn’t mind that). But I am looking ahead to a new year, and making a list of things I want to do or try in Columbus or nearby Ohio spots.
  5. Life: I want to start utilizing my spare time more efficiently. If I am not at work, working out, or having more fun, I want to donate my time to organizations like CRIS Ohio or Legal Aid Society of Columbus.
  6. Career: I started this year with a brand new promotion. Not much of income difference, but better title and more PTO. However, I do not want to settle into this position without any motivation to advance further or pursue my ultimate career goal (don’t even know what that would be).