2018 Anti-Resolution Goals


My last post being around Pumpkin Spice Season… I felt the need to post something in the new year (even if it is 13 days into January) AND what a shock it is a classic “2018 Goals” post. I do not believe in making NY’s Resolutions for myself. I overshoot and follow them for two weeks, then feel guilt for the rest of year when I settle into my more realistic regime.

This year I just want to set goals for myself that are realistic, but take my current regime to the next step.

  1. Fitness: I started working out regularly, about 5 times a week, this past August. I do at least 2 days of cardio, and the other 3 days I try different HIIT routines. This year, I want to step up my cardio days with a faster pace (I am quite a slow runner). No more 10-11 minute miles, I want to switch it up with sprints and 8 minute miles without killing my knees/body.
  2. Fitness #2: My first goal requires my second of MORE stretching. I have never been very good at stretching before and AFTER work-outs. But if I do step up my cardio, I will definitely need to increase my stretching time.
  3. Diet: Starting in August of 2017, I switched up my diet pretty dramatically. Cut out all dairy, almost all meat (still consuming fish), and tried incorporating more fruit/veg. This year I want to step up that game by REALLY adding more vegetables to my lunch/dinner. Eating healthy is expensive, so I have been pretty frugal this past year. I want to start experimenting with some new recipes and still managing to keep my food budget.
  4. Life: Now that I am no longer unemployed, nor a student, I really want to spend my weekends enjoying life and planning fun things. I don’t mean traveling every weekend (although I wouldn’t mind that). But I am looking ahead to a new year, and making a list of things I want to do or try in Columbus or nearby Ohio spots.
  5. Life: I want to start utilizing my spare time more efficiently. If I am not at work, working out, or having more fun, I want to donate my time to organizations like CRIS Ohio or Legal Aid Society of Columbus.
  6. Career: I started this year with a brand new promotion. Not much of income difference, but better title and more PTO. However, I do not want to settle into this position without any motivation to advance further or pursue my ultimate career goal (don’t even know what that would be).


Perfect Wedding Gift- DIY


I have been to several weddings already this summer, and I decided that instead of buying everyone a toaster – or some other obscure kitchen appliance on a wedding registry – that I would try to personalize each of the gifts. Turns out, it takes a lot more time and effort than just buying something online, and having it shipped to the happy couple.

But it has been a lot of fun and very much appreciated by all of my newlywed friends. All I did was:

  1. Take very spontaneous photos during the reception – usually a photographer misses some amazing moments during a wedding, because it can be awkward for them to get in the middle of the “action” – But since I was friends with a lot of the guests, I was able to capture some very fun moments.
  2. Purchase a photo album – I opted for one that allows for pages to be added, so that the couple can continue to use it for years to come. I also purchased washi tape, beautiful foil stamped sheets, and stickers.
  3. Put together a few pages of the album. I tried to ensure that it was in chronological order, and that I was leaving flexibility for the couple to switch photos or design. I used self-adhesive photo corners, so that the photos could easily be swapped out.
  4. Lastly, I wrapped up the album, and all of my tools that I purchased so that they can continue to work on it, and use it as they grow together as a couple. I only completed the first few pages, so that they could reminisce but also make it their own.

Hope this helped if you were looking for any wedding gift ideas, this would also work as the perfect gift for any occasion.

– Keely

In My Pursuit of Happiness

As a recent law school graduate that has passed the bar, I am overwhelmed with questions like: “What law are you practicing?,” “Where are you working?,” “Which firm do you work for?” I am sure that all recent college or professional school graduates understand what it is like to go through this.

My boyfriend & I at my law school graduation.

I think is hard for me because I have always known what I am going to do next. From high school- it was college, from college- it was law school. This is the first time in my life that I have gotten the infamous “What are you doing now?” questions.

I want to be excited about this point in my life where I can pursue anything, but I am the type of person that has always had a plan and it provides me with a feeling of security. I can’t escape the feeling of embarrassment when I have to give an ambiguous answer about my current employment.

I think I want to use this blog as way to track my journey. I know so many people are going through this stage in their life, and at least for me it is hard to connect with others because I am too shy/embarrassed to discuss it with anyone. So if you are in this stage in your life or have already gone through it, please message or comment below. I am starting to get excited about what is up next.